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Freyja's Magic

Hand Sanitizers | Fresh Citrus, Spicy Thieves, Pine, Sage, Unscented | 75% Natural Alcohol+ Pure Essential Oils | Protect + Moisturizing | 4 oz

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Fresh Citrus, Spicy Thieves, Unscented, Pine or Sage Hand Sanitizer Spray

Our hand sanitizers feature 75% natural alcohol and hydrogen peroxide making them effective without drying. Vegetable glycerine and oat protein add moisture while purifying essential oils add aromatherapy benefits.

Fresh Citrus features orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime for a light, refreshing citrus scent that has calming and uplifting properties.

Spicy Thieves features a classic blend of clove, cinnamon, and eucalyptus.

Unscented is made without essential oils and is ideal for those with special sensitivities or for use around babies and children.

Pine evokes fresh Christmas trees and makes a wonderful holiday gift!

Sage is physically and energetically purifying.

Light, smooth, moisturizing, non-tacky, leaves no sticky residue.

4 fl oz

NOTE ON BOTTLES AND LABELING: Citrus, Thieves, and Unscented come in lightfast cobalt blue glass spray bottles with rose label. Pine and Sage come in recycled aluminum spray bottles with Thor's Hammer label.

*Ingredients: Alcohol (75%), witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide, vegetable glycerine, aloe vera, pure essential oils (2%), vitamin e, hydrolyzed oat protein (non-gmo).*

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.