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Freyja's Magic

Lanolin Balm | Nordic Gold All Purpose Hand & Foot Balm | All Weather Skin Protection | Hard Working Hand Balm | Skin Balm for Him and Her | 4 oz

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Nordic Gold All Purpose Hand & Foot Balm | Unscented

This thick, creamy balm brings relief to hardworking hands and feet! Lanolin, ethically derived from sheep's wool, provides unrivaled moisturizing and protecting properties for extremely dry, damaged or weathered skin.

Blended with olive and coconut oils for a lighter texture and easy application, this balm is indispensable for any Viking engaged in hard manual labor, whether on the homestead, in battle, or at sea.

Apply as needed to dry, damaged, chapped, red, painful or otherwise desperate skin. Great for hands, feet, knees and elbows. Protects from wind, wet and cold. Suitable for babies and children as well, and makes a soothing nipple balm that is safe for breastfeeding!

4 oz glass jar

*Ingredients: Lanolin, olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax.*